The Alexander Technique of Syracuse
Kathryn Miranda
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
What is the Alexander Technique ?
  When excess neck and back tension are reduced, F. Matthias Alexander discovered, the head no longer compresses the spine and the torso is free to release into length and width. Mr. Alexander observed that the relationship between the head, neck and torso is essential for the indirect control of our posture, breath and movement.
    As you address your entire self not just segments, you learn to improve your overall functioning.
       * You learn to relieve and prevent pain.
       * You reduce muscular tension and find a better way to respond to stress.
       * You improve your posture, balance, and coordination.
    As you balance your musculature, your range of motion increases. By fine-tuning awareness of yourself and your environment, you improve your concentration.
   As your breathing coordination improves, you have a greater resource of energy and your vocal expressiveness resonates with your whole being.
What happens in a session?
     The Alexander Technique practitioner, a highly trained professional, leads you through a learning process tailored to your needs. Over a course of sessions, your teacher helps you release muscular tension and restore your body's original poise. In a lesson, s/he instructs you with words and touch to approach movement and breathing differently. S/he uses a unique hands-on method to elicit your natural lengthened coordination, giving you an experience of dynamic expansion. With this expert guidance, you learn the skills to replicate that expansion on your own. As you develop your awareness, you learn to release the neck muscles, allowing your torso to expand rather than compress as you move. This subtle shift gives your body a highly responsive coordination.
Can I learn the Technique on my own?
     Habits are, by their nature, unconscious. Though you have probably tried to effect changes on your own it takes the trained eyes and hands of a teacher to help you perceive your ingrained patterns. S/he uses a mirror to highlight how your movement style relates to your symptoms. With a gentle, supportive touch, your teacher helps you notice areas of tension and experience your body in a new way.
How long does it take? What does it cost? Links to more info.
     Duration of study depends upon your initial condition and personal goals. To receive the full benefit, a recommended course is 30 one-on-one lessons. It is an advantage to take 2 lessons per week, especially at the start of your learning. Lessons average 45 minutes and are $75. There are discounts for seniors, students and teachers.

Recommended Websites The official site of the American Society for the Alexander Technique, the national organization that sets professional standards. This site also includes a list of certified teachers. An informative site with extensive information on the Technique.
The goal is to use what you learn so you can pursue your activities with renewed comfort and confidence.
Alexander Technique of Syracuse, Kathryn Miranda, Director.  or 315-412-4829
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