Dare To Be Wrong-The Teaching of Judith Leibowitz edited by Kathryn Miranda
(Berkeley, Mornum Time Press, 2007)

The Alexander Technique of Syracuse
Kathryn Miranda
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique of Syracuse, Kathryn Miranda, Director.  kathy@alexandertechniquesyracuse.com  or 315-412-4829
Articles and Books
Recommended Reading

  • Alexander, F. M. The Use of the Self Gollancz, London, 1985
  • Caplan, Deborah Back Trouble: A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery Based on the Alexander Technique,Triad Publishing, Gainesville, FL, 1987
  • de Alcantara, Pedro The Alexander Technique, A Skill for Life, The Crowood Press, Ramsbury, England 1999.
  • Gelb, Michael Body Learning, Henry Holt and Co., NYC, 1994
  • Heirich, Jane R. Voice and the Alexander Technique: Active Explorations for Speaking and Singing, Mornum Time Press, Berkeley, CA, 2005
  • Jones, Frank Pierce Freedom to Change, SUNY Press, NY, 1997
  • Leibowitz, Judith Dare To Be Wrong, Mornum Time Press, Berekely, California, 2007 (edited by Kathryn Miranda)
  • Vineyard, Missy How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live, Marlowe & Company, New York, 2007

   These and many others are available through the American Society for the Alexander Technique. 1-800-473-0620 or www.amsatonline.org

Recommended Websites
  • www.acatnyc.org The official site of the American Center for the Alexander Technique, which is where Kathy trained and then helped train others for 13 years, the site includes a list of certified teachers.
  • www.amsatonline.org The official site of the American Society for the Alexander Technique, the national organization that sets professional standards. This site also includes a list of certified teachers.