The Alexander Technique of Syracuse
Whatever your plans, I encourage you to take time in your life
to undo the effects of stressful habits and
learn to trust the innate movement towards wholeness and balance.
Look forward to something, let the ground support you,
and let your head balance easily on the top of your spine.

Kathryn Miranda
Private or Shared Lessons

Private lessons offer an exceptional experience in mind and body wholeness.
To learn first-hand, it is best to take private or semi-private lessons.
Lessons are offered at the Alexander studio in the Cosmopolitan Building,
1153 West Fayette St, Suite 205, Syracuse, New York.
Lessons are 45 minutes in length. For most of this time, the focus will be on
everyday movements, especially sitting and standing. During a lesson, students
will also participate in semi-supine table work by observing how directly their
thinking affects their entire neuromuscular experience.
Alexander Courses and Workshops

For students at Syracuse University, I teach an Alexander Technique Course in the Setnor School of Music, the course number is AMC 500. To see the catalog listing, search with the Course subject: Applied Music Classes and the Course Subject Code is 500.
For students at Onondaga Community College, I teach an Alexander Technique Course in the Music Department, the course number is MUS-141. 

I offer Alexander workshops and courses in my studio. To get advance notice for these events, e-mail me at


     I give lectures on special topics, like:
  • Applying the Alexander Technique to practice and performance,
  • Preventing overuse,
  • Breathing coordination, and
  • Inspiring children to get to know their bodies.

     I have expertise in:
  • Posture,
  • Breathing Coordination,
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction,
  • Movement Efficiency and Balance.

Reading More About The Alexander Technique

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  • Articles Kathy has written,
  • Reviews and an excerpt from Dare To Be Wrong - The Teaching of Judith Leibowitz, which Kathy edited,
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Kathryn Miranda
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique of Syracuse, Kathryn Miranda, Director.  or 315-412-4829