The Alexander Technique of Syracuse
Kathryn Miranda
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Dear Potential Student,                                   
  I will commit to be your guide and advocate as you engage in the amazing process of learning the Alexander Technique. 
  Developing the skills of awareness, inhibition and direction will allow you to release conditions from your past and to open space in your present life  to create what you want, such as, achievements, mastery, healing, and serenity.    
  As your Alexander teacher, I promise to be energetic, perceptive and honest.
I will share my observations for your consideration and awakening.
  To the best of my conscious integrity I will speak to you without
judgment or  criticism. It is not my intention to make you wrong
and me right, just to  describe what I notice.
  With my hands and words: I will invite you to recognize
the rules of gravity and
physics as they
impact your
and posture.
I will suggest
that you let
go of trying
to be right
or good or
trying to
feel right
or good.

This way of being always takes us into a mind/body struggle. You need only to explore the possibility of being upright, downright, forthright and able to move in any direction.
Looking forward and up, Kathy Miranda  
Alexander Technique of Syracuse, Kathryn Miranda, Director.  or 315-412-4829