What People Say
The essence of Alexander Technique (for me) is the mystery—sometimes magic—of what happens when a skilled teacher works “hands on” with a student. This is demonstrated easily enough with acting or music students. We ask a student to speak a bit of a text or to play part of a piece. Then Kathy Miranda does some hands on as the student continues to work. Time and again, as students free up psycho-physically, their performance makes a truly astonishing leap forward in truth, expressiveness, and power.
Kathleen Baum
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Actor, Choreographer, and Director
Teacher of Theater Arts, Syracuse University Drama Department
The Alexander Technique should be an integral part of our music majors' course of study. If they understand how their body works, it would make it much easier to implement the technical aspects of what they are learning pedagogically. I have had considerable experience in this Technique, and after studying with Kathy, I highly recommend that Kathy be the person to help our students!
William Harris
Setnor School of Music
Professor of Trombone
I want to thank you for coming into our Setnor School of Music convocation last week. It was obvious that you were a fine teacher as you made challenging work (that could be potentially uncomfortable for students) engaging and approachable. Your calm, unflappable manner and succinct diagnosis and correctives managed to be both accurate as well as kind. I look forward to having you on campus again in the future, and thank you for your expertise and generosity with our students.
Eileen L. Strempel
Associate Professor, Director of Strategic Planning, The College of Arts and Sciences
Artistic Director-Pulse Performing Arts Series, College of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse University
I have been a student of the Alexander Technique since the early 1980s. More recently I have worked with Kathryn Miranda and found her to be a sensitive, competent teacher of the Technique. I asked Kathryn to give a lecture and hands-on demonstration for the entire Music Department at Onondaga Community College. It was followed by a mini-clinic in which several music students participated. The students involved, and the audience, were truly changed by the information and experience.
Jean E. Loftus
Mezzo Soprano, Syracuse Opera
Associate Professor of Music, Onondaga Community College

A chat with LJ  (Laurence Juber, lead guitarist for Paul McCartney's WINGS) on Sunday morning revealed that he feels that Alexander stuff gave him the ability to create and hold the images in his mind that he draws his onstage inspiration from, on a song-by-song basis. In other words, he sets an image in his mind and draws on that as he plays the notes to create the feel and musicality that he seeks. Heavy stuff. I am trying it. I can already play my scales better by closing my eyes and seeing my fingers make the shapes in my mind. Pretty wild stuff there my friend!
Dick Ward
Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist
Founder of the Guitar League of Central New York
Kathy was one of my favorite teachers in the training program. She is very creative and she is always seeking to broaden her education and experience. She is an expert in anatomy and well versed in the Dart Procedures. Because she is so skilled at working with musicians, I would recommend her for your next Alexander Technique master class. I recommend her fully and without reservation. She will be a remarkable asset to the Setnor School of Music and the community at large.
Stephanie Kalka
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Kathy, you did a wonderful job today at the SAQA (Studio Art Quilter’s Association) regional retreat. I felt very present and connected to the drawing exercises and it inspired me to commit to doing more drawing...it triggers a seeing and being present with my surroundings that I need to do. So that exercise was of particular benefit to me. So was the image of my interior room as a playroom full of soft cushy materials to jump and play on with artistic friends!! Thank you for contributing so positively to help make today worthwhile for the people who attended.
Jeanne Beck
Fiber Artist, Finger Lakes Region, New York

The Alexander Technique of Syracuse
I have found that the Alexander Technique has helped me in several ways. I now have very little to no back pain, and my posture has improved greatly. I am a cheerleader, and the Alexander Technique reduced the arch in my back, making me capable to do gymnastics skills.

Chloe R. (16 years old)

Picture at left shows Chloe (center at top) performing at the New York State Fair! Chloe received cheerleader of the month @ the NYS Fair out of the whole CNY Storm program!!!

Kathryn Miranda
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
I came to Kathy having already had a few lessons in the Alexander Technique.  Kathy's skill, intuition and knowledge of the body and how it holds itself is awesome!  Standing straight makes you feel so sure and secure. I also use this technique when I do deep tissue massage and have even better results than before. Several of my clients now have gone to Kathy.  Thank you Kathy for providing a much needed service!
Nina Hanson
Licensed Massage Therapist,  nicetouchmedmassage.com
If you are looking to use your body in the best possible way, Kathy is the Alexander teacher for you. Kathy has helped me come to a great awareness of my body in many ways, from my movement to the thoughts that are linked to them.  This has made my approach to the piano, organ, and voice much freer and uninhibited. Not only do I see improvement in my music, but in every aspect of my life.  The Alexander Technique has become a very important part of me and I can't imagine being without it!  Kathy is so attuned to identifying misuse of your body and mind. I highly recommend her!

Michelle Di Bona
Piano performance major, Setnor School of Music, Syraucse University
Kathy Miranda is an outstanding teacher of the Alexander Technique. I regularly refer my piano students to work with her, and the results are impressive and long-lasting (as they have been for me as well). Kathy combines thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology with uncommon intuition and gifted hands; she guides students toward better quality of movement and coordination throughout the body. For musicians, this facilitates better tone, legato, and phrasing. This in turn inspires greater artistic freedom and imagination.

Fred Karpoff
Associate Professor of Piano, Syracuse University
Co-Producer, 3-D Piano
Fred Karpoff
I have found that one of the benefits of my Alexander training is that I have developed the capacity to intervene in my habits of being and doing that limit me physically, intellectually and emotionally, thus opening new possibilities in work, relationships and in life. My intervention is first in recognizing the habit and second in shifting myself to the new possibility, all within the process of living.  It is in this way that the Alexander work teaches me to embrace the world, as there is no need to retreat in order to rehabilitate, (as some approaches to body work and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth practice, i.e., meditation, massage and even Feldenkrais work require).  Through Alexander work I am empowered to re-(h)abilitate on the fly, as it were…
Joe Alberti, PhD
Assistant Professor of Voice and Acting
University of New Mexico
Because the Technique teaches one to be aware of body alignment at all times, it is especially valuable for all musicians. Since the 1980s, the Technique has helped me as a singer and as a voice teacher accompanying my students and helping them with posture and breathing. I have worked with several Alexander teachers and attest to Kathy's skills in training her students.

Donna Miller
Soprano, Voice Professor, Setnor School of Music
Alexander is a unique and invaluable technique that promotes the feeling of being free and at ease in the body. It facilitates an awareness of the mind and how it relates to the proper use and misuse of the body in a way that can be profoundly liberating. I have been a student of Kathy Miranda for over a year, and after every lesson I have that experience of freedom and effortlessness that continues to manifest in my daily activity.
Wilbur Albrecht, M.D.
Psychiatry, Syracuse, New York
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathy with the Alexander Technique.  I have been a healing practitioner and student of yoga & body awareness for 10 years and this work added a beautiful depth to my practice. 
Audrey Long, DC
Skaneateles, New York
Alexander Technique of Syracuse, Kathryn Miranda, Director.  kathy@alexandertechniquesyracuse.com  or 315-412-4829